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WaitAndSuffer.pw ¡Canales permanentes gratis! TS3/TS5


Server IP address: waitandsuffer.pw:9987
Server country: Spain Spain
Clients on-line: 43/512
Server status: On-line
Server websites: http://waitandsuffer.pw/
Server votes: 20 votes
Server views: 1336 views
Status update: 09-27-2020 17:38

Clients on-line:

DJ Wolf, WaitAndSuffer.pw, Akacio, ANNONYMO233, David(Lantic), GOD v1cpanther, HarDStyle, marinapc, PepeGrillo, rtur, TeamSpeakUser, bynuke01, Arnab, belar, Berseck, Brendis, Caspar, EL TITO JD, EVO, FeaRByakko, FurieN, Harlequin, kevincete, Linagg, MariaUnPajote, Mr.HENTAI, natapatata, polisia, pompe, Ranksystem, RiinoX, Rorom, SAMUROLE, sento, shizun, Skart, TheiDTZ, V1T4L1, Vinito Barato De LuZu, VivaBender, Völdemort, XVAZivant/Poke cuando estes,
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API status:

You can use a server list API for show your server info in the website.

You need to add this code to your website:
<?php $server = json_decode(file_get_contents("https://teamspeak3-servers.eu/api/waitandsuffer.pw:9987"), false); ?>

And now you can use a server info data:
<?php echo $server->clients_online; //show count on-line clients ?>

You can use variables:
$server->ip_address show server ip address (with port)
$server->clients_online show count on-line clients
$server->clients_max show count max clients
$server->server_name show server name
$server->server_status show server status
$server->server_password show, if server public or private


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