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If you are server owner, you can add your server to our server list.

Warning! Please, check if your default server group has permission b_virtualserver_info_view and b_virtualserver_client_list! Here is setup tutorial

We detected some query problems with servers already updated to TeamSpeak 3.13.5 version. If your server has been off-line after the update in our server list contact us.

Solution: please, add IP address to your server file "query_ip_allowlist.txt".
contact, where we can contact you.
Query login options: (not required) If you want, our BOT for getting status can login with query account. This is more safe, you don't need to add any virtualserver_ permission for your guest group.

server description need to be manually approved by administrator

Need your own TeamSpeak3 server?

If you want your own server, you can choose one of our recommended hosting providers.

Server query port

This is not server port (default 9987), but server query port. If you don't know your server query port, contact your hosting provider.


We will contact you via this email in case of neccessity, if you have any problems with server or when you want login to server dashboard.

Server description

You can write any information about your server. You can use images, URL links, colors, headings and more. Every description needs to be approved by our administrators before showing up on the server page.

Have any problem with adding server?

Contact us or check our Help page.