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IP/Address: ts.host315.net | Publico, Canales Permanentes Gratis


Server description:
Dirección: ts.host315.net (no necesita puerto)

‎Su gran alternativa de máxima comodidad, calidad, privacidad y seguridad.

Servidor TeamSpeak3 Público con canales temporales y permanentes para los usuarios.

Address: ts.host315.net (port not required)

‎Your great alternative for maximum comfort, quality, privacy and security.

Public TeamSpeak3 server that has temporary and permanent channels for users.
Information about server:
Server address: ts.host315.net:9987
Server status: On-line
Clients on-line: 60/512 (12 reserved, 1 query)
Server country: Spain
Server version: 3.13.7 [Build: 1655727713]
Server uptime: 172d 10h 51m
Server ping: 89.5167ms
Created channels: 125
Availability:   95.55%, 49333 tests - 2195 failed
Server votes: 304 (vote for server)
Server views: 159
Last server status update: 2024-06-15 21:46:45