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Haxor Zone Community | AMONG THE HAXORS


Information about server:
Server address: ts.haxorzone.com:9987
Server status: On-line
Clients on-line: 10/200 (0 reserved, 1 query)
Server country: United States
Server version: 3.13.6
Server platform: Linux
Server uptime: 17h 13m
Server ping: 357.3333ms
Created channels: 58
Networking stats: Total packetloss: 0.0012
Total bytes uploaded: 17336620
Total bytes downloaded: 473404886
Availability:   84.01%, 9709 tests - 1552 failed
Server votes: 0
Server views: 21
Last server status update: 2021-06-21 23:23:43
Server description:
HaxorZone Community gives you the opportunities of a fresh gaming environment with the most played games on the planet and provides every gamer from all over the world a home.
This community is managed by a Staff team with high levels of professionalism that will make sure you feel comfortable and help you with any queries you may have.
If you're looking for amazing people like we do, you landed in the right place ?