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Dsnakes Official


Server description:

This is a ts3/5 server for gamers and more!

You can get a private channel if you ask the Admin (kenionek) or via email: [email protected] or socialmedia fanpage!

We have 2 music bot (CapitalFM and Hardstyle) when you need some music!

Join us at ts.dsnakes.com and visit our website dsnakes.com
Information about server:
Server address: ts.dsnakes.com:9987
Server status: On-line
Clients on-line: 3/32 (6 reserved, 1 query)
Server country: Belgium
Server version: 3.13.6
Server platform: Linux
Server uptime: 9d 4h 29m
Server ping: 0ms
Created channels: 106
Networking stats: Total packetloss: 0
Total bytes uploaded: 133364
Total bytes downloaded: 342514
Availability:   99.18%, 8329 tests - 68 failed
Server votes: 0
Server views: 31
Last server status update: 2021-12-01 07:54:03