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Server description:
Welcome to KB - Teamspeak Server.
We gamble, discuss and laugh a lot.
Ranking System | Music Bots | Dynamic Banner | Free and Private Channels | Auto Right System (higher rank = more rights) | feature requests

Klabausterbeere host serveral gameserver and we provide all tools a good gamer needs.
Free Chat Service for windows, linux, web and android. free Live Streaming and Video Chat. Forum and much more.
If you need any additional feature just let us know.
Join us now, no registration, no fees. All anonymous!

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SHARE LINK: [URL]https://klabausterbeere.xyz/ts-invites
Information about server:
Server address: klabausterbeere.xyz:9987
Server status: On-line
Clients on-line: 5/64 (2 reserved, 1 query)
Server country: Germany
Server version: 3.13.7 [Build: 1655727713]
Server uptime: 2h 31m
Server ping: 55.8ms
Created channels: 88
Availability:   99.94%, 41207 tests - 24 failed
Server votes: 1 (vote for server)
Server views: 105
Last server status update: 2024-06-20 07:31:57