188 servers with 1505 clients Server list status update: 09-30-2020 17:07

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Server IP address:
Server country: Germany Germany
Clients on-line: 48/512
Server status: On-line
Server websites: Unknown
Server votes: 140 votes
Server views: 3347 views
Status update: 09-30-2020 17:07

Clients on-line:

Chillerbot, SinusBot 9 !sub/!unsub, SinusBot 10 !sub/!unsub, SinusBot 12 !sub/!unsub, SinusBot 13 !sub/!unsub, SinusBot 14 !sub/!unsub, SinusBot 1, SinusBot 2, SinusBot 3, SinusBot 4, SinusBot 5, SinusBot 6, SinusBot 7, "adamo™©®", derMiepz | Fabi, Dr.Mofo, esad, Julien_5404, msf, Päsci, Raindler, RUGE, JoJo's Joghurt, Propaganda Panda, AT*Black_Devil\ Lucas, Ciza, extraflauschig, HYPER, Lennart, Levin, Maipet/thomas, Mocl, N1ck, Overlord, Pinhead Larry, PopulousPanda, Premium Pilz, Pumó, Robotgirl, Salome1984, Sockenschlumpf, TeamSpeakUser1, Thordinn, Ultramarine02|Yannik, vojtas, ZiGuRaiT,
Why don't be here all clients?



Most clients on the server 48
Average clients on the server 31
Total records during the day 35
Availability of the server 72.9%

API status:

You can use a server list API for show your server info in the website.

You need to add this code to your website:
<?php $server = json_decode(file_get_contents("https://teamspeak3-servers.eu/api/"), false); ?>

And now you can use a server info data:
<?php echo $server->clients_online; //show count on-line clients ?>

You can use variables:
$server->ip_address show server ip address (with port)
$server->clients_online show count on-line clients
$server->clients_max show count max clients
$server->server_name show server name
$server->server_status show server status
$server->server_password show, if server public or private


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